Apr 14, 2011

Vote 'NO' Fascism in Canada

A vote for Stephen Harper's party is a vote for fascism. Mr. Harper has been found in contempt of Parliament and removed from office - the first time in the history of the Commonwealth - and he just shrugs it off as partisan "bickering" and comes back demanding a majority government so he doesn't have to deal with opposition. That was how he answered the question of how to work with other parties - give him a majority so he doesn't have to.

I've personally experienced his quashing of our freedoms as an international development professional, watching him remove funding from groups like Kairos who don't fit his ideology, and from groups like CCIC who dare to oppose his policies publicly. I've watched helplessly as people right beside me are beaten and abused by the police as we tried to peacefully express our views at the illegal G20 summit. I've signed petitions and sent letters and felt the national outrage at his withholding of information that members of a democratic society have the right to know, and need to know to ensure that our elected government is doing its job.

Just like when the police wall were moving forward beating their shields to intimidate us in Toronto, I've felt helpless much of the time in the face of this absolute power by a minority leader. Just imagine what he'll destroy with a majority rule. We have been given a chance to take back our power, to demand information and hold him accountable to his actions, not just his rhetoric. If we vote this man back into power now, he will have the mandate to further increase his stranglehold on us.

I'm not talking here about the Conservative Party, who have managed to rule democratically in the past - this is Mr. Harper, and any others who may share his approach or try to continue in his footsteps once we finally boot him out. I'm also not talking about his policies, with which I have plenty of disagreement. I am talking about one power-hungry, arrogant, disrespectful dictator. The type that people in the Middle East have fought and died to remove. We have the chance to do it in 3 weeks with a simple vote.

But to do that, we need information. He shrugged off direct accusations in the debates, whitewashing and greenwashing it all with rhetoric, manipulation of data, and outright lies. There is a petition to get specific information released before we make our electoral decision, about a leaked report alleging that the Harper Government illegally handed 50 million taxpayer dollars to a single Conservative riding – and then covered it up as G8 summit spending. If it's true, voters need to know it. If it's been found to be false, then we should know that too. Please take 30 seconds to sign this petition - it's by Avaaz, a trustworthy and effective organization.

I don't know if Ignatief or Layton or May will be better leaders. I just know that we cannot continue to endorse this man who has systematically eroded the democracy and freedom that make Canada special. We need to use our vote to send a message to all politicians, and to ourselves, that we will not accept anything less than true democracy and freedom. Vote on May 2, and vote for the Canada we want our children to inherit.


  1. I agree, I don't know that any of the above would be better leaders, but I do know what kind of a leader Mr. Harper is and I do not want him in again.
    BTW I am posting anonymously because I don't know what any of the other profile options mean. Sorry...

  2. Unfortunately Rick you are preaching to the choir! The challenge with this election is for those who have deep concerns about the existing 'ruling party' to connect with the non-voting majority and encourage them to vote. There is a big huge bustle and fuss among the folk I know, giving me hope for the future. Yet I know that many of the folk that I don't know well simply don't bother to vote. The Youth, single moms or dads on welfare, working-class folk who don't have the time, energy, education or interest to research an election. How can THESE people become engaged and enthusiastic about this election - enough that they actually find out if they are registered to vote, then get out and vote?

  3. I completely agree. I am a university graduate that has been thrown in jail by the institution for expressing my political views in an open medium called a theatre. This was when I was studying in performing arts at Laurentian university in Sudbury Ontario. There's no freedom in education, no accountability and the system is just another form of fascism that's garnishing everything away from people both at the federal and provincial level. The issue with our economy isn't the amount of money we now owe, but because of the structure of our society. We're at a point where it makes more economics for a 14 year old to drop out of school, save all his/her money until the age of 18. The kid would have about $100 000 saved up while building their credit for a home and own it by the age of 25. We have kids going to school undernourished while juvenile delinquinces are getting three meals/day. I met one who told me that his single mom doesn't make enough to make ends meat with her minimum wage pay so he does by purpose to get in trouble. Inflation rates are incredibly high. I'm twenty eight years old and I owe $20 000 after the government has spent tens if not hundread of thousands for my education from the time I was in kindergarden all the way till high school. Those who come to their senses (even though they're stable individuals) get expelled. Graduation ceremonies is the number one celebration of fascism.

  4. More from the same anonymous who posted the last message. I'd like to also mention that I've worked in a bank and understand very well how the monetary system works... It doesn't work and I think many people know this. I hate to say it but I am an idealist and I think Kennedy warned us in the sixties about the establishments that we now have. My predictions is that in the near future, the Canadian coin will collapse, and there's a strong chance that they might completely rewrite the consitution. I'm willing to wager that they're gonna come in with a new system that's gonna eliminate all debt, people are gonna go for it, but to the expense of our complete security, even on the streets. It's coming and people need to wake up. The system wants people to care about the things that matter the least, especially having their efforts being worth nothing but grades. Shut off your T.V. and start talking with your neighbours.