Apr 30, 2011

An Armful of Me

You can tell a lot what's on a man's mind by what's in his hands when you come a'calling. Sue just surprised me late on a sunny Saturday in the back yard with quite an armful:
- shovel covered in chicken poop - cleaning out the meat birds' pen and using it to get a new batch of compost cooking
- tennis racket and ball - from earlier game with the boys
- hammer and tape measure - finishing the subfloor for the rental cabin love-room extension
- tractor battery - hoping to mow for the first time while this sun lasts
- bucket full of dandelion flowers picked by the boys for making syrup tonight
- pieces of string and someone's shirt - the usual random picking up around the land

So instead of finishing any of those, we came in to print out the final draft of our $240,000 grant proposal for the community centre so she could sign it. And now some writing while this is fresh in my mind, albeit interrupted by helping G with piano practice and going with Z to collect eggs for the year's first fresh rhubarb pie.

Full arms, full happy life, and soon a full happy belly.

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