Jun 22, 2010

Fascist Canada

Harper's government isn't just cutting valuable services abroad and locally. It's also systematically muzzling the voice of dissent and constructive civil debate in Canada.

As outlined in a Globe and Mail article, non-profit organizations who dare to speak against government policy are losing their funding. It's happening in the women's movement, in international development, in many progressive organizations. Planned Parenthood, KAIROS, Match International, and most recently the Canadian Council for International Cooperation are just some of the organizations who have lost their funding for daring to suggest that the minority government might not always be getting it right.

At the most certain risk of further funding cuts, several organizations have come together to expose and protest this erosion of our precious freedom of expression and full participation in democracy. Please take the time to read, sign and circulate the document at their new website: www.voices-voix.ca

In partial answer to the Why am I at the G8 question, I'm here to learn more about these serious issues threatening our society, but also to regain some hope that together we can do something about it. Do I believe that harper will listen? Of course not. But I do believe that enough of us together can finally wake up the rest of Canadians to stop electing him. The US finally got rid of Bush - why do we still have him up here?

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