Feb 3, 2009

Prize Papa

At the certain risk of being one of those too-proud parents who quotes his kids too often, here's two more moments for reflection from today.

1. Galen, trying to get a bite of Zekiah's food, offered, "In the morning snuggle time, you can have Papa to snuggle with anytime you want." Morning snuggle time is 7am, when they're officially allowed to wake us up by climbing under the covers for a divine family cuddle (as opposed to the
multiple unofficial wakings starting at 6, usually to the whispered tune of "It's 6:02... it's 6:05...")

2. Driving to the gravel pit before school this morning, we came to the top of the hill and Zekiah screamed in absolute delight, "SUNRISE!" Galen was equally wondrous in pointing out the frost on the farmer's field. My feeble attempt to add to the moment - "Yes, sunrise on a frosted field is so beautiful" - was instantly dwarfed by Galen's tender "Isn't it like we're living in a dream?"

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