Feb 2, 2009

Advice on Warthog Day

Really all I wanted to share tonight is a new article in which I pretend to have all the answers to getting kids out the door on time. It's interesting writing these advice pieces, because the mere fact that I would write it implies that we do have our shite together all the time. In this case, we actually do have remarkably good and on-time mornings most of the time, but even so I find/fight a compulsion to drop in some comments about my screw-ups just to be more approachable to the readers. Why can't I just share some good ideas, whether or not I follow them?

Zekiah's last words tonight were that he is going to have sweet dreams about "Warthog Day." They also talked about how happy Papa is to have 6 more weeks of winter to collect maple sap. Speaking of which, better get back to my syrup witches brew on the stove, steaming up every window in the house and probably greatly contributing to future mildew problems (see, we don't have it perfect...)

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