Feb 17, 2009

All you need is Love

In grad school I bought a big white shirt and scrawled "All you need is love" across the back. I would fall in love atleast once a day - often with a child, a cloud, a beautiful woman, a bus route... Love was always on my mind, pure, beautiful, colouring my world and my view of the world.

These days it takes a Valentines Day party to bring the word and conciousness to the forefront. I like to believe I daily live out my deep and deepening love for wife-children-land-community-chickens-world. But it's not a familiar name or face in front of me, not a dance partner I reach out to twirl. Like the other party guest who read the first love poem he'd written in 11 years to his wife, I find it hard to summon words or awareness of something so fundamental. I finally understand why I wrote all those poems back then, why artists start young, why we fall in love at a time when it's still fresh and tangible.

So here's to love, and to more than once-in-a-while being fully conscious and appreciate and really totally swept away by the magnitude of love, of the many many people and places and things and experiences that make up this rich warm soft blanket. A line from the Bible that should be quoted much more often (from the Song of Solomon, which should be read much more than it is), and his banner over me was Love.

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