Feb 26, 2009

Dam seeds ordered

Many of you have asked what we're planting this year. We finally made our order with the high-quality, mostly organic company William Dam, and are now busy charting out what goes in the ground when, what it needs to be ready, etc, so that we can start issuing work party call-outs. Please do let me know if you want to turn your sword into a plowshare sometime this year. Here's the 47 nature creations we will have to play with:

Basil, Beans (dried), Beans (pole), Beets, bright lights, Broccoli, bush beans, cabbage, Carrots (2 types), catnip, chamomile, cherry tomatoes, cilantro-coriander, Corn (popping), Cucumber, edible flowers, Kale, Lettuce (2 types), Onion, paw paw, Peas, Peas - Sugar , nap, Peppers, pinto beans, potatoes, Pumpkin (2 types), pumpkin (saved), quinoa, Salad greens, scarlet runner beans, shelling peas, Spinach, Sunflower, sweet peas, Swiss Chard, Tomato (3 types), Winter Squash, Zucchini (2 types)

I suppose that represents a bit of work, but right now it just looks like a spectacular and yummy contribution to our kitchen and community.

Inspired, intrigued, amused? Please pass it along by email, facebook, twitter..."

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