Feb 7, 2009

I'm a real Sapsucker this time around

This time last year we made our first exploratory visit to Duncan, and happened upon the first annual maple sugar festival. "If we lived here, we could honour our local foods commitment and make our own syrup!" Just one more compelling reason for us to dream more about moving.

Now one year later we are indeed "Sapsuckers", returning to the festival as volunteers and as sap donors for the syrup-making demonstrations. In the 1911 schoolhouse in which we ran art activities, we were visited by no less than 8 families from our Waldorf community. Just one more marker that we are "in", we are here, we are Home.

This time next year I'll have learned how to thicken up my syrup enough to be worthy of entry into the contest. For 2009, best I can do is enter the Best Cake Baked By A Man contest at the summer county fair. Possibly a re-creation of the Puke/Poop/Worm cake I made for Galen's "Gross" birthday party - so visually horrible that even the 6-year-old's had trouble putting it in their mouths.

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  1. So that's what they call "Holistic baking"...?

    I'm not going to show this photo to my nephews, I know they're going to make me bake one too...ab-so-lute-ly disgusting! :)

  2. Wow, I'm stunned.
    That is really a terrible looking cake.

    AWESOME! How on earth did you think of this??

  3. It truly did taste fantastic, with your eyes closed. Galen had been to the Gross exhibition at Science World and came home with a Grossology book of tricks and gimmicks. The cake was my own invention, but making edible eyeballs came from the book.