Apr 26, 2012

Moving, not Up

We're moving again. When it comes to homes, we're serial monogamists.

It's been 3.5 years since I posted a jubilant We're Home! posting, so I reckon we're about due. I haven't lived in the same house for more than 4 years since, um, high school. Is it a need for change, a fear of getting too settled, or a seizing of new opportunities and growth?

In this case, it's the lure of going yet simpler, yet smaller, yet more focussed. And the move aint so far - just across the basketball court. Our beloved Crystal and Tristan are leaving the cottage, and after putting so much heart and energy into creating that beautiful natural space, it's just too tempting to give it a try. Voluntarily reduce from 1200 to under 600 square feet of living space. Winnow our Stuff once again. Live in even closer proximity, interwoven, connected. Experience a truly breathtaking bedroom worthy of the term Master. And open this larger space to a family who may feel the need for a larger space.

It's not decided, and in fact we're letting the universe decide. We've posted both places for rent, and will see who and what arrangement ends up being the best fit. When I sit in the cottage I can feel a beautiful healthy life together and get excited by the Fun and beauty of it. Then when I'm in this house that we've finally put some energy into making ours - photos on the wall, shelves built where we want them and kitchen cupboards removed where we don't, enough hooks in the mud room... - I think we're crazy to leave a space that is working so beautifully for us.

So here's to being open to possibility, open to the new learning of experience of either Going Small or of Staying Put for more than 4 years. The continuous thread of our lives is this life, love, land and community - just the walls containing and nourishing it that are in question.

PS - if you know a family looking for a rural farm community living scene in the Hub of the Universe, 15 minute walk to Sunrise Waldorf, organic farm, hot tub, etc etc, tell them to contact us, and that they get to help determine our footprint for the coming years - ramble@wildsidefarm.ca

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