Apr 13, 2012

Small Stuff

I fixed the laundry pipe today. After 16 months of water leaking out of the washing machine just outside the house, it's fixed. It took 5 minutes to fix, plus 6 seconds to cross off the Things To do list. Fixed. Done.

The damage to my house's foundation was probably minimal, but imagine the amount of energy it consumed as each week it reappeared on The List, and several times each week I thought about doing it. Now it's done, off the list, and (as of publishing this post) off my mind. Clear. Free.

Inspired, I re-stacked the wood that will be Crystal's patio - 4 months on the list, 1 hour to complete. Installed a new doorstop on the basement door - 9 months on the list, a winter of cold air and rats rushing under the door, 45 minutes to fix. Patched the flat tire that Galen got in January. Then rewarded us with a beautiful sunny bike ride to buy the hose connection for the cow's water that I've been wanting to rig up since the last frost of the year.

Tomorrow - replace that window pane that grandpa broke last August (for which I bought a replacement pane in October), install the under-the-sink garbage can that Sarah bought last May, stack the firewood that was chopped in November, and...

Addendum to "Don't sweat the small stuff; It's all small stuff." - DO THE SMALL STUFF. It really does go away.


  1. It is amazing how nice it is to have it done. Once it is done, it feels like it has always been that way.

  2. Thanks Rick!
    for reminding me how easy those items on my list are (have been dragging them for months, some for years)
    and how great when done
    sometimes doing them is fun instead of horrible!

  3. Hey - you still haven't done the garbage can.
    Love you :)