Apr 15, 2012

Arrogant Canuck Fans

Canuck fans aren't arrogant. We're just so gosh-darn thrilled that we finally have a good team, and we can't quite believe it.

Is it arrogance if we really are the best? Note: 2 President's Cups and game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals can't all be luck.

Is it boasting if we're not trying to impress anyone, just share our excitement? I share the amazing things my boys do all the time, but I'm not boasting, just sharing my life and Joys. Where's that line - when we're trying to make ourselves look bigger/better instead of just being natural and human?

I remember a soccer practice at about age 13 when I finally figured out how to kick the larger size-5 ball up high. I was so over-the-moon, every successful kick I exclaimed to my buddy Ian "Wow, did you see that kick?!" He finally said I was boasting, but I wasn't, I was just sharing a pure, real Joy and amazement.

Truth is, even with the team's recent successes, we still at the core have an inferiority complex. The minute a Jonathan Quick or Tim Thomas gets hot, we think we'll never score. When the other team rushes down on a 2-on-1, we think they'll score. We think, "Here we go again, about to go back to the old Canuck losing ways." And when it doesn't, we're back to that jaw-dropping tell-the-world-about-it amazement.

We're not arrogant, we're just trying our best to finally believe in our perennial loser/choker team. It's not quite false bravado, it's more like trying to keep our eyes shut so the dream doesn't dissipate too quickly. If we yell just loud enough and long enough, maybe it really will be true.

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