Sep 4, 2010

Is Summer Really Over?

Took a cold outdoor shower yesterday just because I could. This weekend predicts highs of 60, rain on Monday, school on Tuesday - is it really over?!

Is it really time for the litany of morning-after questions - did I swim enough? Did I play with the kids enough? Did I worship the sun, sleep in, garden, do those reno projects, camp, visit, expose my skin, eat fruit, go to fairs and festivals...? Did I live that life of ease that I promised myself and my family back in an optimistic June blog posting?

Well, there's no tree fort, swing or bike jump, but it still was a balanced, fun, relaxed, natural summer. We played, we stayed away from school friends and politics and dynamics, just took a break. Alternately slept in or got up early to do projects, jumped in the car to go fishing and hiking, had 2 glorious camping trips with friends, a medley of beautiful guests that is still going on, etc etc.

Through all this, the hernia operation and recovery was a blessing in disguise. I was forced to slow down, nap, and tone down on physical work. It left more time for card games and beach time, for just Being with the kids. It also encouraged Sarah to take more time away from her work to pick up the slack and to join us in a lot of family fun. We four found a rhythm that satisfied mostly all of our needs to garden, work and play.

And now, as predicted, we're ready for fall. Ready for parking lot hugs and play dates and ceremonies. Already busy planning 2 school events, 1 school committee, 5 fundraising/enrollment training workshops for school staff, and 2 welcome-back parties on our land. After a summer off, we're all ready to jump back into Involvement and Routine. Not so sure about the 8am out-the-door routine, but the 9-12 or 9-3 concentrated work/project time while kids are in school will be a welcome respite.

I do wish that I'd taken the boys for more adventures or even more soccer kick-arounds at the park. But I also wish I'd finished a few more projects. And I don't regret the naps and sleep-ins. So I reckon that's the feel of balance - letting go of some ambitions in each realm and being satisfied with what WAS done instead of what WASN'T.

In the same spirit, I look forward to all that WILL BE this fall, not what we'll miss. I promise not to lament the end of the hot swimming weather, the end of slow mornings, the passing of summer's graceful smile. I will embrace the brisk efficiency and vibrant colours of fall, and fondly look back on the beautiful summer that WAS.

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