Jun 11, 2010

So ready for summer

This is not a complaint about the weather. Nor about school. I'm just ready for summer break.

Ready to not hustle through the morning routine of bath-food-lunch-boots-bikes. Not hear myself saying, "Come on guys, time to move or we'll be late." Ready to just not be late for anything. The lettuce never requires a late slip.

Ready to have the boys around more. Late nights in the garden not worrying about being too tired for school in the morning. Getting some good work done then rewarding ourselves with a jaunt down to the river. Finally building that tree fort, that swing, that bike jump.

This will be a summer of balance, of relaxation, of quiet time with family interspersed with friends gatherings and outings. We've got it beautifully blocked out:
- 2 weeks in chicago with their grandparents and uncles while i'm at the G8
- 2 weeks home
- 1 week of just me and sarah on the farm while the kids are at "Camp Grandma Dia"
- 1 week with dear friends visiting, probably with a quick camp-out on the west coast
- 2 weeks home
- 1 week back-country camping at Cathedral Lakes
- 3 weeks home

And by then, I'll be writing another blog post saying how ready I am for school, for blocks of kid-free time each day, for routine and daily parking-lot communion. But for now, it's no more pencils no more books, bring on the Meatballs video. This stay-at-home dad is ready to stay at home.

1 comment:

  1. I HEAR YOU!
    Especially the last line: "This stay at home dad is ready to stay at home"
    Perfectly said. I'm tired of rushing everyone out the door in the mornings only to be late anyway. Here's to summer break!!! Here's to staying at home!
    (and I am determined to see this farm of yours while on the Island this summer! Perhaps on the way to Sunday lunch at Fairburn Farms...yum!)