May 4, 2009

Turning tricks in the school parking lot

The school parking lot isn't the place where you just throw your kids out the door and hope they land at the right classroom. It's where the action is, the epicenter of a stay-at-home parent's whirling world. Just this morning I:
  • confirmed 2 playdates, requested a third, turned down one double booking, and finalized a family dinner date
  • carried a crate of donated wine for the fundraising auction
  • confirmed my storytelling schedule for Mayfest, and coordinated acts with my fellow storyteller
  • inquired how soon our tuition check will bounce, and our remaining balance
  • checked in with the kindergarten teacher about the upcoming field trip to our house (to plant pumpkins) and if it's OK for Zekiah to be going into the classroom early while I take Galen to his class
  • signed up for soup-making duty (twice a week, parents help the kids chop veggies for an in-class lunch - great chance to watch the class in action)
  • thanked a friend for last week's impromptu potluck dinner
  • greeted at least 20 fellow parents by name, and many others with friendly smiles and nods
  • checked our mailbox for school announcements
  • read the noticeboards outside both boys' classrooms
Such a change from last year when, on the once a week that I did the school run, I was the run-in-at-the-last-moment-and-rush-back-to-work tornado dad. I like being this parent who has time to be involved.

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