Sep 13, 2010

Monday Monday, so good to me

Here's to hoping that this first full-on Monday of the fall sets a precedent:
- Soft rainy morning walk hand in hand with the boys to school, then an invigorating jog home.
- Helped our German woofers reorganize the freezer and canning shelves
- Wrote a blog and a wee bit of computer work while said German woofers picked beans, weeded peas and shoveled manure
- Another soft rainy bike ride to pick up Zekiah
- Fried up some fresh zucchini and summer squash (harvested by German woofers) with leftover rice and peanut sauce for lunch
- Delicious one-hour nap with snugly exhausted first-grader
- Unrainy bike ride to pick up Galen, home for a snack (zucchini cake, cucumber, carrot, fried egg and milk)
- Took bikes into town for back-to-school repairs at the u-fix-it BikeWorks shop
- Pumpkin-potato dinner cooked by German woofers
- Bikram yoga with beautiful wife
- Writing this while baking a zucchini loaf for 8 beautiful women in the living room practicing their moves and grooves in a steamy song&dance routine for the upcoming Who Knew talent show

I tell ya, this stay-at-home-dad-with-school-age-kids gig is the best-kept secret around. Please do not forward this posting to anyone :)


  1. Whatever would you do without those German woofers?!

  2. Saving lots of money on haircuts, I see. Robin wants to know what kind of hair color you use.