Nov 19, 2010

Tired enough for winter

Bring on the snow - I'm tired.

Took a gloriously unexpected sunny day to finally finish harvesting potatoes (left), planting the garlic, then mulching it with 5 inches of grass and shredded leaves (below). The new field still needs a bit more seaweed and 2 trailer loads of horse manure. Woodshed needs restacking, but has enough in it for winter. Winter greens transplanted into the greenhouse. The garden is pretty much put to rest for the winter, now it's my turn.

I want shorter days. I want to be unable to farm because it's under a white blanket. I want afterschool sledding and cold nights by the fire. I want books, games, guitar. I want a 4-month snow day.

Fall has been wonderfully productive with final gardening, building an addition onto the rental cottage, running the Who Knew talent show, and doing a final pre-Christmas marketing blitz for my business. I've kicked into high-efficiency mode and felt that familiar high-energy buzz. But it's only OK because it's temporary, putting aside more personal stuff knowing that my time will soon come.

Winter is a time to cultivate me. Time to dream and read and plan next year's garden, farming with a pen instead of a shovel. Time to get back to yoga three times a week, brisk morning walks with friends. Time for frozen world hot-tubs and early bedtimes. Time to relax, recuperate, and rejuvenate before spring comes to wake us up again.

Thank you dear Autumn for lasting long enough for me to store up for the winter. Now bring on the snow.


  1. Ask, and you shall receive, my friend.

  2. As you wish! (Princess bride)
    p.s. this is Jessica, Abbi's friend that you met at Ben & Abbi's wedding.