Nov 8, 2010

A peopleful, purposeful weekend

Friday - two parent-teacher interviews, full workday with Chad on the cabin extension (new office for Crystal), then a glorious friend's glorious birthday party in her intimately packed kitchen/living room, stumbled home exhausted at midnight.

Saturday - all day building with Chad again (finished building a box by the end, into which we'll pour the foundation, not too impressive looking for 2 days with 2 men but it is, really!), then an overnight visit from former roommate Meribeth and her partner and 2 kids. Much too exhausted to also slip out to another glorious friend's glorious party.

Sunday - 8-person sourdough pancake breakfast feast, very centred 15-person Quaker meeting, big final lunch visit with our visitors, potato-harvest and garlic planting all afternoon with the kids, long-awaited 8-person dinner party at our friends' new house, then straight to another friend's basement for our annual 10-person candle dipping extravaganza (prep for the school's Christmas Fair). Stumbled home exhausted at 10:30

Too many good people, just enough time. I am looking forward to a rebound day of no friends, just intensive construction and gardening. But a weekend packed with friends and good work was, to use Zekiah's word, suuweeeeeeeet.

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