Nov 25, 2010

Snow wonder

Thank you friend, for a walk as pure and beautiful as the snow on the fields. Thank you for your tears and your laughter, often in the same stretch of country road; the two need never be far apart. It's all real and it's all you. The more we share our ups and downs, the more we are.

There's no rules in friendship or in sadness. Except honesty, maybe, but even that means more about honesty to our feelings than to our expression. Whatever is ready to come out whenever will be met with love and openness, and whatever needs to stay inside will be equally respected and met with love and openness.

Still the gentle snow falls, covering the world in softness, muting and slowing and making it safe for long walks and slow talks. I could lie on my back all day and watch the world fall into my eyes, waving angels into the world and dreaming of hot chocolate.

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