Jun 21, 2009

Every Day is Fathers Day

My childhood memory of fathers day was reading the Hallmark cards at the drugstore, then rushing home to copy one of them into my own handmade card. And some present that I had to buy, always a challenge. It was a time to please my dad, but not in my memory a time that I was more acutely aware of appreciative of his role in my life.

Fast forward to today, where my family were bursting with excitement to shower me with their love and appreciation. Unexpected hugs and I-love-you's all day, hand-stitched presents that they've been eagerly working on all week (a pouch for my swiss army knife, a finger-knitted string to decorate the christmas tree), ice cream dessert, and Sarah's blessing to disappear for large parts of the weekend to attend a sustainable agriculture conference. I felt showers of smiles falling down all around me and gushing from within me all day.

Part of it is the kids getting older and more able to embrace traditions, feel enough empathy to understand what I give them, and be more creative in their expressions. Part of it is our family having more time to celebrate big and tiny passages and moments. And a big part of it is the deeper and more constant bond I've developed with the boys since becoming the Play-at-Home parent.

This wasn't a one-off day to be together, to be followed by going back to the office tomorrow. It was spiced with our Big Plans for our first week of summer vacation together, to be kick-started with starting to build Galen a new bike, starting on the long-awaited tree fort, trying out the canoe we've been lent for the summer, getting a barn cat to protect our winter hay supply from rats, and of course a whack of garden work. We have a rhythm together, an easy confidence and unhurriedness from knowing that we're in this together, learning and growing and adventuring as each day unfolds. Every day is fathers day - today was just the chance for us all to say thanks for the richness this new parenting path has brought to all of us.

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