Jun 18, 2009

Child Labour Pumpkins

A while back we had Zekiah's kindergarten class come to Farmer Rick's for a field trip. After 2 intense days of weeding, we had 2 rows ready for the kids to turn in some compost, push little holes in with their little fingers, and bury far too many seeds in a haphazard fashion.

Perhaps not the most efficient planting method, but did those kids ever enjoy being busy, touching the earth, planting little miracle seeds that they'll come back in October to harvest. Waldorf emphasizes that this age is all about Doing, learning through being actively engaged and exploring.

What fun it was to have a place that the kids could do just that - also enjoying a walk through the forest, a spirited game of haybale tag in the freshly-cut pasture (whoops, that was another 11-child playtime a month later, but still true of our land), snack and story time under grandfather tree, and discovering little wool White Birds hidden among the ferns. Kindergarten with Ruth and Mima is a truly magical time; all we "grown-ups" have to do is hold that space of Wonder then enjoy the ride.That last line reminds me of a song i wrote in my young travelling hippy days, something like:
Be aware of wonder, don't let it go
Don't you know complacency's a sign of getting old

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