Jun 28, 2009

Duncan Pride

Just got back from Duncan's first ever Pride celebration, organized by the youth. Got there too late for the drag shows and the biggest crowds, but it was still an open, joyous celebration of diversity and acceptance. When we asked Galen what he liked most about today, he said "Pride." When we pressed further with "What did you see when you looked around at there?", he said,
I saw happy people. I saw people dancing. I saw people trying to look sexy. I saw people smiling.
That's what Pride is all about. People, families, lovers young and old, friends, fellow community members sharing their Joy, open in their love and choices, free with who they are.

Someday we'll talk to our boys about why it isn't like this everyday. But today, he understood the underlying truth in the pure, beautiful way that we should all view the world.

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