Apr 20, 2009

Walking the land

Eyes per acre - that's what we taught at the Heifer Project demonstration farm in Arkansas back in 1992. Small-scale farms are better because we stewards more intimately know our land and know how to respect and care for it.

This morning I slipped away from my sleeping family for a sunrise walk around our land. What better celebration of their return to school today, of my first morning without either the boys or Chad (my garage reno contractor), of blissful freedom and capacity to finally do things I want to do, than to walk around and list the things needed to keep these 5.2 acres growing and happy?

Here are some of the projects I've been dying to get to, and finally can have some space to address (in between getting the farm going, final touches on the garage, and of course ongoing parenting and writing and living):
  • firewood for next year, including taking care of the 4 trees that came down this winter
  • chicken fence so our chickens can have a more restricted free-range area - 40 chickens running around our property and our neighbours' seems a bit excessive, especially since i just learned that they have been laying eggs outside
  • deer fence around the big garden
  • walking/biking trails through our forest
  • zip line or ropes course from the top of the barn down into the trees
  • clean out the barn for summer guest accommodations (including solar light and shower)
  • bonfire pit
  • level the land from the excavator ruts ("Replace all divots")
  • new summer hottub location down in the garden
  • remove the maple taps until next winter
  • Sarah's downstairs office so she can have more separation from our indoor-playing kids (so i can enjoy playing indoors instead of always saying "Shh, mama's working!")
  • get the furnace installation guy back to finish sealing it so we're not whistling dixie on cold days
  • build a bike shed with a walk-on living roof
  • lower the basketball hoop for the kids
This rebirth of me as a man who feels this deep land connection and responsibility has been the surprising new path of this journey. This morning was a good start in walking that path.

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