Apr 30, 2009

Green Drinks

It's springtime, when every few days a new type of flower unfolds to the world after a winter of hibernation and internal growth. I too am feeling ready to bloom, to make connections and get plugged in.

For the first 9 months here we cocooned, getting to know our land, school, new roles and identities. Haven't volunteered or joined any boards or parents association, haven't learned the political players, haven't figured out the non-profit scene or even attended a neighbourhood association meeting. Haven't really announced ourselves beyond our school community and neighbours.

This week, just as Galen was in ecstasy over the newest yellow tulip discovery, I was discovering "Green Drinks", a monthly informal pub gathering of eco-activists. I guess I haven't been quite as isolated as I thought, because I recognized and was recognized by all 8 people at the table when I arrived - met variously through the ecovillage, Earth Day booths, ulti, a house concert, and the recent music festival. It's a small community that's been waiting to welcome us.

As we chatted about the usual fun topics like "Climate Chaos", carbon tax, raw food, linguistic patterns of the Cowichan tribe, and natural fibres, I felt the familiar buzz of connection. It was exciting to be involved in social change, to learn about the movements and how they fit together. And to start opening to finding my place in the middle of it all.

The next morning I visited the Cowichan Land Trust, which works to restore and protect agricultural and environmentally-sensitive lands. I walked in a stranger and quickly became an insider, a kindred spirit. They suggested the "Cowichan Green Community" - more on the personal and societal change angle that I've traditionally been involved in - to be next on the visitation list.

This morning I sat in on the organizing committee for our school fundraising auction, then finally sent in our application to the bio-diesel co-op. This afternoon we go to K's farm for the first milk pick-up of our new cow-share membership, and tonight I go to my first ultimate frisbee game. Look out Cowichan Valley, we've arrived.

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