Apr 16, 2009

A typical stay-at-home dad day

What does a stay-at-home dad do with his Spring Break boys? Well, it's 10:24 in the morning and we're almost ready to go outside. So far, we've:
  • eaten breakfast sundaes (homemade whipped cream, granola, blueberries), eggs from our chickens and toast with homemade butter
  • taken 3 loads of laundry off the line and put them away
  • cleaned the clogged P-Trap under the bathroom and laundry sinks
  • showered Zekiah
  • collected eggs and fed the chickens
  • washed and put away yesterday's dishes while the boys washed the table and swept the floor
  • read a very cluttered library book
  • played piano, card game, drums, wrestling (unfortunately better known around here as "bum, bum, wiener" - trying to break that one) and leggo
  • arranged playdates for this afternoon and tomorrow
  • checked email
And still I wonder if I'm going to "get anything done" today. I'd muse more, but they're dressed and ready to go prune the apple and pear trees.

12:45 update:
  • pruned one old apple tree
  • dug a drainage ditch
  • chatted with the renters
  • dried the garage storage shed roof for gluing on the pond liner, so it can be a living roof where the renters can open their kitchen window and pick herbs and flowers
  • tuna melts and rice with tamari and gomachio for lunch
Now it's 9:43 and i could add to the list another tree pruned while zekiah slept, cherry tomato planting with the neighbour kids, a nerve-wracking visit to the new dirt bmx track with another family, a scrumptuous stinging-nettle-soup dinner (Sarah's the queen of 100-yard-diet creativity!) and grouting the garage suite shower wall.

A wonderful, varied, connected and satisfying day. Didn't get the concentrated Work done that Sarah did in her office (occasionally seeing and hearing us laughing out her window), but alot of little bits and bits adding up to a megabyte of meaning.

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