Jan 17, 2009

One final visit from Ana Sisnett

On Thursday morning, my former boss from Texas was in my dream when Galen woke me up at 6am. I was a bit annoyed because I wanted to have more time with her, but also glad to wake up fresh so I could remember the dream, and somehow already knew that her gentle presence in the dream had already completed her message. This evening I googled her and, as I had intuited but not really believed, found that she had passed away just a day and half earlier.

In this beautiful dream,
we were sitting side by side on rocking chairs watching, of all things, Italian soccer on a big screen. Then it turned into a live show where a rich woman went into the house of another woman, who then said to her "You want to act like a poor woman, but I am a poor woman, and I've been with hard men, and look how ugly I am now!" Both women stared to cry, and Ana and I looked at each other realizing we were into something deeper now, a real connection between people, and we too were experiencing that connection. She was not at that moment the older (than me) Ana who had been my mentor and boss at Austin Free-Net. She looked in her late 20's, no eye injury, no gray hair, clear shining skin and shining eyes. I had never realized how beautiful she was, and had never before sat with her as an equal, as a true friend. She told me about a movie about "women's journeys" that she was "feeling a calling" to see.

I have not been in touch with Ana for almost 5 years, but woke up from this dream with a feeling that she had passed away and come to say goodbye. Why she chose to do so for me is far beyond my understanding, but Ana had a way of knowing people's needs, and touching us in ways that maybe takes years to understand. I now understand Ana's beauty and friendship in a way that I will carry with me and share with others. And even though I little understand the dream, I am comforted in knowing that she is still in spirit a strong, healthy, beautiful woman pursuing some other journey that she felt was her calling.

A beautiful tribute has been created for her (click here) that is moving and inspirational to read, whether or not you were lucky enough to have her in your life. And another passionate one by "Wanderlust." Go well on your journey Ana my boss, my mentor and, with this final gift, my friend.


  1. Rick, thank you for your post about Ana, both here and on the guest book site. The story of your dream is amazing. It was a pleasure working with you on projects at the Free-Net all those years ago.

  2. I reminded rick recently that it was Ana who actually first planted the seed for all these changes in our life as a family. While working at Austin Free-Net Rick would put in long hard hours. As his Executive Director, Ana sat Rick down and commanded him to stop working so hard and go home to be with his family. He listened, and so a new quest for life balance began...

  3. Good Afternoon!!

    I don't know how I have never seen this but I am Ana's daughter, Meredith Sisnett and I absolutely love your post. So sweet, so honest, so divine in your expression of your relationship with her. Thank you to you and your wife for sharing her spirit!


  4. Thank you, Mary, I also remember your mother as that wonderful, magnetic, strong, beautiful, happy, wild woman! And I miss her as well! This angel will never die!