Jan 17, 2009

No hyphens for this Man

One of the many great wonders of my marriage to fabulous Sarah is that she chose to give up a very spellable and pronounceable 5-letter last name to become a Juliusson - a name that i could not pronounce on the phone for about 2 years of adolescence. Check out my article about why this means so much to us menfolk, unfair as it may be.

ugh, it's midnight and i've finished watching Dark Knight and this syrup batch still isn't done, but the sap could go bad if i leave it another day. Sap started running yesterday due to the switch back to sunshine, which got me very very excited, but this late night obligatory boiling is a bit less romantic.

as is washing poop off of chicken eggs. I posted that activity on my facebook page
(let me know if you're also a facebook geek), and got lots of encouraging responses - "Treat yourself" being my favourite. Reality is, if we do go ahead and buy another 30 chickens to start selling eggs, i could be spending up to an hour a day washing poop. Mom, looks like that Christmas money you gave me for a special treat may go to an egg washer - believe me, it will end up being a real treat.

i have neighbours who let me use their internet when mine is down, then feed me supper ("fruit soup") knowing that my family's out of town and i'm out of veggie dogs. life is good. it's late, i'm babbling, gotta go check the syrup. have a sweet night.

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