Jan 4, 2009

Favourite foods

Following a talk about the types of foods that Sarah ate during pregnancy (including Ethiopian food as the only restaurant fare she could stand for 6 months), Galen started listing his top 10 favourites: Ethiopian, lasagna, avocado, cucumber, carrot, crepes, banana, orange, pancakes, pear, water. Nary a commercially packed product, sugar-loaded candy, or advertising-induced fast-food chain to be found. What kind of 7-year-old are we raising?!

Zekiah's list was equally impressive for an almost-5-year-old: pear, orange, banana, crepes, pancakes, "normal pasta with no lasagna in it", tofu, salmon, fish, cheese, water.

Interesting to note the preponderance of imported fruits and products - a reflection of the forbidden fruit for our primarily locavore diet. We've managed to make bananas and oranges a prize treat for Grandma to indulge them with, rather than jello and Big Macs. A positive side-effect we hadn't anticipated when we switched to local produce.

Sarah (my wife) similarly had mostly imported goodies (except the first 4): salmon, mushrooms, corn, cheese, Ethiopian, oranges, avocado, miso gravy, dark chocolate, lime, mango.

And me, after much soul-searching and help from the kids: mango, dark chocolate, old cheese, lasagna, organic hamburgers, peanut butter, cinnamon, pumpkin leaves in African groundnut sauce, mixed home-made ice cream with crush-ins from Amy's Ice Cream in Austin Texas, fresh-made beet-carrot-apple juice, and anything that Sarah orders in a restaurant (I covet).

As i wrote this i ate some toasted home-made bread with organic imported peanut butter (stolen from our vacationing neighbour's house) and local honey. Not too bad, as indulgences go...

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  1. That's a lot of Superfood right there...what a healthy family!I agree with much of it but definitely have to add red hot chili peppers, fresh basil, kukicha twig tea and dark chocolate, dark chocolate and dark chocolate!