Mar 16, 2012

Zero Mile Shopping

The wife's gone for 4 days, the boys are hungry, and there's no frozen pizza in the freezer. Nothing to do but go shopping.

First stop - the root cellar. Potatoes, onions, apples and carrots.
Next stop - the freezer. Blueberries, corn, green beans, stewing beef for tomorrow.
Then the garden - dig up some beets (and leeks if I were more creative).
A jar of blackberries from the basement.
Some garlic from the workshop, milk and butter from the fridge.

Boil potatoes, mash with butter and milk. Stirfry butter, garlic, onion, corn, carrot, beet, kale, green beans and apple. Splash a bit of very non-local soy-sauce to counter the ferocious fruit & veggie sweetness. Put on top of mashed potatoes. Eat. Serve blueberries and blackberries over yogurt for dessert.

All ingredients (except soy sauce) from our garden, or purchased locally in-season and preserved. Just an extreme but not exaggerated example of our first successful year of laying in a full winter's supply of food.

From zero supplies to a full dinner in zero miles.

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