Mar 21, 2012

Ten-Year-Old Wonders

Things my 10-year was interested/ecstatic about during his sick day today:
- waking up with me instead of his brother in bed this morning
- breakfast bowl of snow with blackberry syrup
- the first tulips coming up in our garden (pure ecstasy)
- undeniable evidence that the eggs he was frying for our lunch were fertilized (didn't stop us from eating them one bit - "Our new rooster is really doing his job well, isn't he Papa?!")
- learning the opening riff to ACDC's Back in Black (over and over and over and over), and Hard Day's Night with Sarah
- winning at Settlers of Cataan
- using his giant bird book to identify what species of sea gulls live in our part of the island
- Grandma coming to visit in 2 weeks
- Raw honey in his peppermint tea
- A long afternoon on the couch by the fire listening to an audio book of Prince Caspian
- impressive burps and farts at the dinner table
- Signing up for fiddle, percussion and guitar classes for this summer's FiddleWorks Camp on Saltspring Island
- Vancouver Canucks tied 1-1 at bedtime

What an open, beauty-appreciating, beauty-creating, beauty-full boy I'm blessed with.

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