Aug 24, 2011

Morning quickie

When the visiting grandparents whisked the boys away for breakfast, Sarah and I took advantage of the alone time for a morning quickie.

While they drove down the highway, we snuck out to the garden to gather fresh kale, eggs and blueberries. As they were waiting for the short-order cook to fry up their vittles, we were whisking up a cheese omelet, green drink and blueberry granola (with a devilish sprinkling of chocolate-zucchini cake). As they wolfed down all-you-can-eat white flour pancakes in the noisy din of the hotel restaurant, we calmly enjoyed an organic local breakfast at a peaceful table overlooking the garden and Mt. Tzouhalem.

And while they reveled in the treat of a special breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa, we reveled in the treat of a special breakfast with each other. Guess in spite of all the surface differences, eating at Smitty's or at Wildside Farm ain't all that different. Thank you, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sheri, for treating us all to a special breakfast this morning.

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