Aug 27, 2011

Good night, farm

Left a beautiful fireside OUR Ecovillage sing-along to put the family to bed - the whole family. While Sarah prepped the boys, I tucked in the Buff Brahmah chickens in the garden coop, bottle-fed Baryshnikov the water buffalo, let the neighbour cats in for the night, fed the roaster (meat) chickens and closed up their coop, collected eggs and closed up the layer chicken coop, and then returned to the garden to crank on four timers to water the plants. Then inside just in time for a final snuggle with the boys before they and Sarah all drifted off to sleep.

Then onto the computer for just (hopefully) 15 minutes to check messages for the first time since lunch, check phone messages, prepare a things-to-do-before-mom-arrives-tomorrow list, and say this sleepy good night to you. Now to curl up on the purple couch with an earthen-plaster book to plan the finish for the bedroom extension, happy complete bedtime by 11. Good night new moon, good night farm.

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