Jul 4, 2011

Smart Meters are just plain Dumb

Last year our family spent over $1000 to rid our house of all wireless signals and devices - cordless phones, wi-fi internet, cordless keyboards, etc, based mostly on a gut feeling that this vast uncontrolled experiment with massive doses of electro-magnetic radiation was somehow Wrong. I later outlined some of the research-based reasons to be wary of wireless. Now BC Hydro - the exclusive electricity distributor in BC - is forcing every house to have a "Smart Meter" that will emit 100 times the radiation level of a cell phone. Radiation through my children's growing bodies and brains, through the bees trying to pollinate my plants, through this airspace that I thought I had some control over.

If you're in the Cowichan Valley, please come to Duncan City Hall tonight (Mon, July 4) at 6:45 to support a presentation to council about this. And wherever you are, please check out the EMF Safety Network to get educated about the dangers of wireless in our world and what we can do about it.

The World Health Organization has listed wi-fi ("non-ionizing radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation") as possibly carcinogenic. That puts it right up there in their books with Chloroform.

Another article, rather big-brotherish but quite possibly true and scary, talks about the plan to have all household appliances with mandatory wireless transmitters.

Regardless of the extent of the harm, which we may not know for another generation, the fact is that electro-magnetic radiation is being imposed on us in higher and higher levels without truly knowing the health effects. And that's just wrong. It's been banned in many schools, particularly in Britain, and at the very least we should have some control over it in our own homes.

There's nothing "Smart" about a device that exposes us to something that hasn't been proven to be safe. And there's nothing Smart about a people who let this happen without speaking out. See you tonight, 6:45, at Duncan City Hall (and again tomorrow, Tuesday, at 3:00 at CVRD).

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  1. I will be there!

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