Jul 23, 2011

Island Folk Fest

Aint nothin' better in this world you know
Than lying in the sun with a radio

Except when that radio is live music on 5 stages, and there's hundreds of other folkie folk friends lazing around in that sun while children dance in front of the stage. And a friend on stage. And other friends selling drums and hats and wares at their booths.

Folk Fest for me is a little about the music, and alot about community. Jhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifust devoting a whole weekend to enjohttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifyment, creativity, food, people - it's alot like camping.

I'm talking about the REAL Folk Fest, by the way - Island Folk Fest, just 8 minutes down the road at the base of Mt. Tzouhalem on Providence Farm. Sure, the Vancouver version was big and fun, but this one is ours, has lotsa local talent as well as imported eye-poppers, lotsa friends, and just smaller and more intimate. Part of our moving to the island was a switch in allegiance, and the quality music and magical atmosphere made that easy.

We also get to host musicians - this year, Mojave, a lovely couple from Tofino. We'll be leaving in a few minutes to watch them perform, and in return for providing a bed we get free admission, lunches, a quiet space with snacks and drinks to get us through a long day.

OK, time to put on a flowery skirt and bare feet and summon my inner Janis Joplin (never too far beneath the surface.) See you there?

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  1. Love your posting! I was thinking about penning a letter to the local newspapers singing the praises of our little Folkfest. Every year at the Folkfest, I am filled with wonder, love for my community and appriciation for this amazing land that has been so generously shared with us. The gift of listening to wonderful music while surrounded by old friends and new, at the foot of Mt. Tzouhalem is THE VERY BEST. It has surely made starting my Monday work week out with sunny, melodic and dance-infused memories!