Oct 4, 2010

Tooth Fairy Poetry

Dear Zekiah

Sometimes I’m an impatient fairy – I must tell the truth
It feels like a thousand years that I’ve been waiting for this tooth

Months ago it wiggled and we both were quite excited
You started telling everyone that soon I’d be invited

It wiggled and it waggled and it wobbled even more
I even hear you talk about removing it with the door!

Every day I waited just to hear that it was out
But every day that stubborn tooth stayed in – it made me POUT

I started to feel cross and angry, so eager was I
I thought it would never come – I even almost cried

Looser and looser and looser still that silly tooth became
So loose that here in Fairyland, “THE WOBBLER” became its name

Then finally the happy news rang out across the land
The Wobbler was no longer in your mouth, but in your hand

An airport is a funny place for a tooth to leave your face
Perhaps The Wobbler wanted to fly to a new place

Indeed, The Wobbler will tonight fly high away with me
Back to Fairyland for all my friends to hold and see

Perhaps last night you heard me come, or felt my fair wings whir
I leave for you this special book, your heart and mind to stir
And take with me the most famous tooth of all - the prized “Wobbler”

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