Oct 5, 2010

Simple Touch

In the morning there are lovers in the streets, they look so high
You brush against a stranger and you both apologize
- Joni Mitchell, Down to You

Oh how coarse and rude and unrefined a beast I can be. Setting down my mat and towel for yoga the other day created a wind that blew up the carefully-placed towel of the woman beside me. Believe me, in the intense and sacred space of a hot yoga room, where people come up to half an hour early to protect their favourite spot, that is a punishable offense.

To my relief, she instantly shot me a dramatic raised eyebrow, sharp exhale, head-flipped back gesture of over-acted anger that made us both smile. Made me think of my dear friend Kim in Kentucky. Made me feel connected to my neighbour for the next 90 minutes.

A few people would have chosen to be annoyed. Most would have chosen to quietly ignore it. She chose connection.

How many opportunities for simple human connection do we miss every day by choosing to be annoyed, or in a bubble, or polite?

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