Apr 20, 2010

Not busy, just movin' and shakin'

Some weeks have a lot of little things-to-do, and some just happen to get slammed with big ones. But I shouldn't complain, because they're all scheduled by me, and are all exciting. So, not to lament lack of sleep or time to do other stuff, but solely in the interest of sharing some of the directions I'm focussing my energies these days, here are the 6 major tasks in the next 8 days:

Tues: lead the final fundraising workshop with Cowichan Green Community, tying together the lessons of the first four sessions to create a one-year fundraising plan

Wed: present full proposal to the school board, requesting them to give our neighbourhood a 99-year-lease at $1/year so we can transform the abandoned school into a million-dollar community centre (with the million dollars remaining as a deferred big thing-to-do)

Thurs: facilitate the inaugural "Cowichan Fundraisers Exchange" - a new quarterly forum for non-profit fundraisers throughout the region to network, share ideas and funding opportunities, co-ordinate schedules, and explore funding partnerships

Sat: run a fun-raising Barn Dance at the school, with live fiddle music and a caller

Mon: facilitate the second of five Strategic Planning workshops at OUR Ecovillage

Tues: design a one-hour birthing class exclusively for men, then train a group of men in Vancouver to be prepared to facilitate the class

Add to that mix some extra stuff - 2 marketing training courses, school and community earth day celebrations, a doctor's appointment for what i fear to be a hernia - and the usual: kids playdates, friends for dinner, and oh ya spring planting. Adds up to a week that can just as easily look exhausting or stimulating. In the spirit of my earlier outlawing of the word "busy," I choose to celebrate this productive, giving, involved, overflowing week.

Re-reading that blog posting, I believe I am fulfilling all 3 rules.
(1) I'm sharing this neither to moan nor to show off (though I begrudgingly admit to an ego-glow when a friend called me a "mover and shaker in the valley; i responded that i meant to be a groover and a quaker), but honestly to share the exciting and surprising directions this alleged stay-at-home dad is taking.
(2) I'm focussing on the exciting, taking power away from the busy-ness.
(3) These 6 items all fit the definition of "making us happy, and feeding us and the world." What more could we ask of a week?

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