May 24, 2009

Auction item #11: Home manure-making machine

Dear Sarah,

Had a great time at the school fundraising auction last night. Wish you were there to dance with, visit, and perhaps keep my excited bidding hand from going up just one too many times. Maybe I wouldn't have got so carried away and ended up carrying away two cows.

Yes, my darling, when you get home from your unsuspecting weekend work trip to Vancouver, there'll be two baby bulls to welcome you home. If I'm a bit late picking you up, it'll be because I'm finishing fencing in the back two acres, buying some hay, and reading a bunch of books about bovine care.

I know we never talked about this and you really just wanted that fancy root-pulling contraption, but look at the benefits. The kids will love and learn from them, we get the manure we've been needing without having to truck it in, they cut grass, and in a year or so we can load up the freezer with a year's worth of zero-mile organic meat (assuming you learn to like eating meat by then...)

Guess we're really in this farming and local food cycle thing for real.

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