Mar 25, 2009

Tommy can you hear me?

Morning came early. That seems to happen when you stay up until 3am working on the garage reno (more about balance in an upcoming entry). When the boys wanted attention at 7am I tried my hardest to ignore them, silently praying that Sarah would figure out from my silence that I needed to sleep in and needed her to take care of everything. After a few minutes she hadn't received my telepathy, so I grumpily jerked out of bed and snorted, "I guess I'll take care of them."

The next morning, after another late late night, at that same daybreak moment I whispered to Sarah, "I'd love to sleep in - could you take them?" Up and out she was, with a quick hug, and I drifted back to a much-needed sleep.

I mentioned "silent expectations" recently as one of my theories of why being together can be more difficult than flying solo. That first morning I was resentful of Sarah not fulfilling a wish that I hadn't even expressed - not particularly fair to expect her to always know what I'm needing, particularly at groggy wake-up time! Maybe I'll try this "asking" thing again...

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1 comment:

  1. Seems we're both on the asking for help theme, my dear...