Mar 31, 2009

Birthday vision

Double vision, more like it. Started my birthday celebration early by staying up till 4:30am laying floor in the garage rental suite, in for a quick 2.5 hour nap then up with the family for birthday breakfast pancakes. By 3:00 I was half-hallucinating while picking up Galen from school, not sure how much of what i remember from it is real or imagined. Even for me this is a bit too far out-of-balance. But damn that suite is looking good!

My birthday treat was coming in at dinner time for a real sit-down portabello-mushroom burger dinner with my family, telling Sarah that this is the only place I really want to be for my 42nd marker. Then I let myself fall asleep with the boys for 2 magical slumber hours while she did the PTA thing (discussing shared expectations around playdates and birthday parties - will Kool-Aid be in or out...?) Could there be a better celebration? Well maybe when Sarah gets back later...

So for this next hour I will celebrate by NOT going back out to the garage. Maybe watch some Dirty Dancing and eat more of the coconut-oil brownies the family made for me. A weekend hike up Mt. Tzouhalem with friends will satisfy the social creature in me, but for now just quiet time with my beautiful family is all this old country boy needs.

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