Jun 4, 2011

The Waldorf Canucks

Yes, i'm a Canucks fan. After a couple decades of really not caring about professional sports, pointedly not devoting precious life energy to it, i'm genuinely excited about the Canucks' imminent Stanley Cup victory.

I'm also letting my children get excited, even took them to a big-screen live showing of tonight's game at the Cowichan Theatre. It was actually their first big-screen anything ever, and way against the Waldorf and our personal no-screen-time motto.

But as our wise B&B guest said the other day, "Everything in moderation - even moderation." Their excitement about the Canucks is as pure and natural as their rapture over the first peonies blooming last week. I have to believe that this brief media blast and pop-culture bandwagon is not going to shut off their vibrant imaginative life or numb them to the natural wonders of our world. Tonight was as explosive and memorable and limited as last year's midnight meteor shower or the rye grains that G is sprouting in a jar on our kitchen windowsill. All are feeding their hungry souls and active minds, and one does not negate or overshadow the other.

As for me, I "wasted" about 15 minutes a week watching highlights during the Canucks' President's Trophy season, and up to an hour or two a week now watching highlights and some periods of playoff action. Like last year's World Cup soccer and Olympics, it's a brief connect-to-the-greater-world's-energy shower that will easily fade back into longer weeding and whittling hours. As long as i can laugh at myself for valuing these overpaid imported athletes in my former home city playing a winter sport as summer finally arrives, i can safely keep it in perspective and enjoy the ride.

Canucks in 5.

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  1. Hey, you gotta remember that this excitement over over-paid athletes builds community. It creates discussion among strangers, a connection between individuals and a sense of general togetherness. That is why I do love large sporting events, it all comes back to community!