May 8, 2011

Happy Mother-of-my-Children Day

As she lays sleeping in and the children fetch their cards and flower baskets out of their hiding spot in the chicken coop, I muse on how blessed the boys and I are to have a woman like Sarah. I'm a damn good dad, but she's a Mom in a way I could never aspire to.

She teaches all 3 of us compassion. She's the rich black humus of our soul garden, moist and nourishing and helping us to grow healthy and true. She shows us that a kitchen is more than a utilitarian feeding trough, that art can and should spring from and flow into all the little cracks in our routines, that music is 50% harmony and 49% creativity. She is the land that lies beyond efficiency and excitement, and makes getting there just half the journey.

And bless her heart, she lets me be the papa I love to be. That deep trust that we're in this together, and that she's got my back and all of our hearts, creates a freedom that brings true Joy and creativity to parenting. I too am released from just functioning. Together, we're not just managing a household and caring for our kids; we're co-creating childhood and family and a bright world for all four of us to blossom into.

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