Mar 22, 2011

Whose farm is this anyways?

Numerologically speaking, WildSide Farm is a five. Not in the half-of-Bo-Derek sense, but something like it's alive with people, comings and goings, life. At least, that's what visitor # 14 said today.

Take today, for example. A day with Absolutely Nothing in the dayplanner. No people, no appointments, no reason except school to leave the land. But then...

The phone rang and I was suddenly babysitting a 2 and 4-year-old for a gloriously fun and active hour in the afternoon, then a visit with their mom at pick-up. Amy and her four (4) children stopped by to take care of the cows. Zekiah's friend invited herself over after school to help rake up apple-branch prunings. Two grade-eight boys came by to help me move a pile of lumber into the barn to dry. The neighbour boy lurked around on his stilts, and his mom joined him to visit the calves. The school's enrollment coordinator and her son came to pick up the eighth-graders and stayed for a quick tour and visit. Valdelia brought Tristan home from preschool. A repeat visitor/friend came for an unexpected overnight in our WildSide B&B room. Crystal and her son Tristan joined us for dinner as usual.

In case you lost count, that's a transformation from a quiet 2-adult, 2-children family day to a joyous cacophony of 9 adults and 14 children. That, my friends, is what I love about living in community, and why our website exhorts you to "Come fall apart in my backyard." (It's also probably why I'm staying up on my own to write this and enjoy the silence.)


  1. Ha!

    I'm heading to the Island tomorrow with the family for a week, and we hope to pop in and finally see this farm Sarah has talked so much about!

    We're a family of five so we'll see how many you total up that day!!


  2. I feel like your farm has a magnetic effect. Ever since my bus stop visit this weekend in the very darkenss... I've been wanting know what hides behind the veil of shadows. Let me know when you are really busy and I'll bring a few of the villagers by for a visy! Love you guys...