Mar 16, 2010

Globe and Mail article published

I'm on the front page of the Globe and Mail! Today they published the article about "Radical Homemakers", interviewing me and some other families about how we've re-jigged our lives to center on "environmental sustainability, social justice, community and family."

Over the next week I'll be expanding upon elements that were missed in the excellent article that's just too short for the topic, and responding to the fascinating commentary that has unfolded on the Globe and Mail site. For now, it's just great to see a national newspaper highlight these types of issues on the front page (together with a rock band and two Canadian Paralympic gold medalists). Go, Canada, go!


  1. We made the front page? Really? That's fabulous.

    I too am looking forward to the dialogue on this topic.

  2. Well, the photo and headline made the front page, the full article is on the front page of the Life section. Still some pretty darn good exposure.