Feb 19, 2010

Radical Homemaker

The hands-down best progressive magazine around is "Yes!", and I thought this even before they ran an article about us. Well, the authour didn't exactly use our name, but she named and defined and analyzed and celebrated our "Radical Homemaker" movement in ways that I hadn't thought of even after about 3 years of living it. For example, she writes that radical homemakers:

make family, community, social justice, and the health of the planet the governing principles of their lives. They reject any form of labor or the expenditure of any resource that do not honor these tenets. For about 5,000 years, our culture has been hostage to a form of organization by domination that fails to honor our living systems, under which “he who holds the gold makes the rules.” By contrast, the Radical Homemakers are using life skills and relationships as replacements for gold, on the premise that he or she who doesn’t need the gold can change the rules. The greater one’s domestic skills, be they to plant a garden, grow tomatoes on an apartment balcony, mend a shirt, repair an appliance, provide one’s own entertainment, cook and preserve a local harvest, or care for children and loved ones, the less dependent one is on the gold.

Those two lines I put in bold sum up so much of what we've been trying to live, I'm just not sure what else to blog about today. So maybe quit reading this blog and instead subscribe to the free Yes! email updates. Or maybe do both...

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