Sep 27, 2009

Day of Rest in the Country

Sunday is God's day off, but evidently not for those of us tending God's pastures. OK, the boys and I didn't finish breakfast until 9:30 (fresh juice from our apples&pears&chard, fresh eggs from our chickens), and there was a delicious 2-hour nap in the afternoon, and a more delicious orzo dinner with tomato, spinach, beets, onions and garlic from our garden. But in between, Joe and I:
  • finished building a covered front porch for the garage suite
  • clipped the wing feathers of the 17 frisky young chickens who keep flying over the fence
  • moved the electric cow fence - those growing steaks had eaten the grass in the first field right down, and every time they saw me were mooing plaintively (is there any other way to moo?)
  • chainsawed, moved and stacked 2 tractor-trailer loads of firewood - winter is coming
Writing this to give another picture of life here, but mostly just to brag.

1 comment:

  1. I'm tired just reading this.
    I managed to make pear butter today but gave up on anything else.
    Good for you!