Aug 9, 2009

Home, not Hectic

"Sitting on a moonlit shore our final night I reveled in the beauty and the silence.
A final moment of quiet before diving back into my ever hectic schedule in the city.
I was acutely aware that I need to make more effort to create a space for that kind of quiet and reflection."

Why do we accept Hectic as normal, necessary, even indicative of Alive? Why is this friend returning from a beautiful vacation assuming the same old life in the too-fast lane?

Not everyone can return from a vacation to the rural paradise life we've found/created, but let's not accept this pace as OK. Let's not allow our lives to be run on fast-forward.

Busy doesn't have to equal stressful. Productive is different than overworked, and organized is not over-scheduled. Let's do what brings us alive, embrace the beauty and growth of our lives, and make that "space for quiet and reflection" part of how we live minute to minute, not vacation to vacation.

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