Dec 17, 2008

Unlikely Duets and Gleanings

I found myself reminiscing and humming "To All The Girls I've Loved Before," and ended up publishing a list of 10 duets by unusual pairings. When you've got a few minutes to click on some fun U-Tube links, check it out.

Meanwhile, the snow continues to fall - 'twill be a beautiful walk back to pick up the boys today. I stopped on the way home this morning to pick pretty much the last of the frozen crabapples, to make juice for dinner with friends tonight, but it's unlikely I'll coax the boys into a repeat of that frozen-finger-fest. To make up for a lost farming season (due to the move), it's been a marvelous gleaning season:
  • roadside blackberries every day with Zekiah during the half-hour wait for Galen to finish school
  • apples from the schoolyard --> jam, syrup, apple butter, pies, frozen, juice...
  • crabapples from the same schoolyard --> jam, syrup, juice, muffins, pancakes...
  • mulberries and figs from a friend's overflowing farm

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