Oct 16, 2008

Published and Poultry-full

Two bits of good news on a rainy Thursday as I prepare to start making 30 storm windows with my father-in-law (these ancient single-pane windows are gorgeous but not so efficient):
1. The other two missing chickens showed up the next day, and they all somehow got into the coop last night, so we're not quite the miserable failures as chicken farmers as I feared.
2. I just had a new article published about not wearing black (Mom, you click on that blue highlighted link to go read it on the CarrieandDanielle.com website...)



  1. What a relief to hear about the chickens! I have been thinking of them (more than is probably normal, but that's neither here nor there...)

    I'm thrilled to keep up with you and Sarah and your family's journey to the Good Life!

    Although I spent many years without an umbrella (you need to embrace the Wet here in Vancouver!), my husband bought me one for my birthday last year...in a beautiful yellow. He said on a miserable grey day, he wanted me to have some sunshine overhead. I was reminded of that when I read your opening paragraph in the article. I'll have to re-think all the black I instinctively go to.

    Thanks for blogging, I am enjoying it so much! Looking forward to many wonderful reads,


  2. Great article on wearing black... And as much as I like wearing black, you're right, a splash of colour can go a loooooong way.
    peace, craig.